Promenade Concert.

The thirteenth season of the Music Hall Promenade Concerts opens next Monday under the management of F. R. Comee '75, assistant manager of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. The programme will be as follows:

1. American March, Ganne.

2. Overture, "Domino Noir," Auber.

3. Waltz, "Harlequin's Voyage," Zach.

4. Selection, "Madame Angot," Lecocq.


5. Ballet Music from "The Queen of Sheba," Goldmark.

6. Two Entr'actes from "Carmen," Bizet.

7. Waltz, "Kaiser," Strauss.

8. Introduction to Act 1, "Lohengrin," Wagner.

9. Potpourri, "Offenbachiana," Conradi.

10. Mazourka, "La Mousme," Ganne.

11. American Fantasy, Bendix.

12. March, "Stars and Stripes Forever," Sousa.