University Calendar.

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Conservatoire, Bordeaux. Lecture Room of the Fogg Museum, 8 p. m. Open to the public.

11. Wednesday.Divinity School Conference. Rev. Prof. C. C. Everett, D. D., LL. D. Divinity Chapel, 4.30 p. m.

Harvard Christian Association. George P. Knapp '87, missionary to Armenia. Holden Chapel, 6.45 p. m. Open to all members of the University.

Harvard-Princeton Debate. Sanders Theatre, 8 p. m.


Question: "Resolved, That the present restrictions on immigration into the United States are insufficient." Open to the public.

12. Thursday.Speaking for the Boylston Prizes. Sanders Theatre, 7.30 p. m. Open to the public.

13. Friday.Divinity School. Preaching Service. Mr. W. Ballou. Divinity Chapel, 7.30 p. m. Open to the public.

Graduate Club. New Regulations for Research work at Oxford. Mr. W. M. Lindsay. Stoughton 21, 8 p. m. Business Meeting, Sever 5, 7 p. m.

14. Saturday.Geological Excursion to the Glacial Deposits of North Beverly and Wenham, conducted by Mr. J. H. Sears. Open to all members of the University. Members will leave the Union Station for Salem at 9 a. m. Dr. Jagger will have charge of the party from Cambridge.