To appear in this column, notices must be left at the office before 9 p. m.

WHIST CLUB.- Very important meeting this evening at 7 sharp at 62 Brattle street. Election of officers, adoption of new constitution, etc. All come.

NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY.- Photograph will be taken today at 1.

THERE will be a meeting of the Trophy Room Committee in the Trophy Room at 1.45 p. m., Wednesday.

BAND.- Every man be sure to report at 12.45 today in L. S. S. 1.

GRADUATES COMPANY.- Very important meeting and drill this afternoon at 4.45. Every man enrolled should make a special effort to be present. Meet promptly in rear of the Gymnasium.


PI ETA SOCIETY.- Picture back of Sever, Friday, at 2.30 p. m.

RIFLE AND PISTOL CLUB.- Important meeting of the executive committee tonight at 8 o'clock in 16 Matthews. Sending of challenges will be considered.

COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS.- Picture will be taken at Pach's at 9 o'clock this morning.

WELD JUNIOR CREW.- Be dressed to row at 3.45.

ST. PAUL'S SOCIETY.- Last business meeting of the year this evening in Grays 17 at 7 o'clock. Constitutional amendment, election of officers, discussion of plans for next year.

'98 COMPANY.- The 9 o'clock drills have been discontinued. Drill this afternoon at 4.30. All the officers and non-commissioned officers must be present.

LACROSSE.- Picture of the team will be taken today at Pach's studio at 3 o'clock. All men who went on trips be there in uniform.

NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY.- Photograph postponed until Wednesday, at 1.00.

INSTITUTE OF 1770.- The 1900 picture will be taken Wednesday, June 1, at 2 p. m. sharp. Every member must be punctual.

Meeting of whole Institute Wednesday night at 8 o'clock.

WELD BOAT CLUB.- Assessments ($1) may be sent to G. O. Clark, 58 Mt. Auburn street.