Special Notice.

TUTORING in entrance Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

C. ROYCE, 103 Irving Street.97 2

A German-American exhibition of gymnastics and athletics with singing by various glee clubs will be held on Friday, June 17, from 2.30 to 10 p. m., at the Riverside Recreation Grounds. First prizes in silver, and second prizes in bronze. The programme includes: Competition on horizontal bar, parallel bars, side-horse, club swinging by women, iron wand exercises, and the usual events in track athletics and field sports. There will also be a hurling ball game.

In the evening the grounds will be finely illuminated and there will be singing by American and German clubs and varied gymnastic exhibitions. Fine sport is promised in the water events, including asthey do, tub-racing, tilting, riding the keg, etc.

HARVARD MEN, with the expenditure of a little energy in an entirely self-respecting way, can pay next year's college expenses with Money Earned During Vacation. For particulars address, Dentacura Co., Montclair, N. J.


SPREADS.- Cook serves a reasonable priced-satisfactory spread. The largest spreads in the Yard were furnished by him last year.