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The fourth annual regatta of the Metropolitan Amateur Rowing Association will take place on the Back Bay course beginning at 11 o'clock this morning. Twenty minutes will be allowed for each race. The races will be upstream from the Union Boat House, one mile and a half with a turn, except the eight-oared events which will be rowed down stream, one mile and a half with the finish at the Union Boat House.

The Weld Boat Club has forty-five of the total one hundred entries and is represented in each of the eight events. The Weld juniors who win their races will also compete in the intermediate class.

The following are the events in the order in which they will take place and the entries, the positions drawn numbering from the wall out:

Novice singles-S. West, Millstream B. C.; and C. A. Hurley '99, and G. E Fleming 1901, Weld.

Junior four-oars-One crew from the B. A. A. and one from the Weld made up as follows: Stroke, R. D. Swaim 1901, 159 lbs.; 3, T. H. Gray 1901, 147 lbs.; 2, G. G. Brainerd 1901, 157 lbs.; bow, R. C. Bolling 1900 (captain) 140 lbs.

Junior singles-W. O'Leary, Riverside B. C.; E. L. Pope, B. A. A.; and F. W. Blatchford '99, Weld.

Senior singles-P. A. Berkeley, Bradford B. C; and C. Blaikie '99, Weld.

Junior eights-One crew each from Weld, the B. A. A., and the Riverside B. C. The Weld eight is made up as follows: Stroke, F. J. Snite '99, 154 lbs.; 7, K. McG. Martin 1900, 160 lbs; 6, F. R. DuBois 1901, 155 lbs.; 5, R. A. Leeson '99 (captain), 158 lbs.; 4, W. B. Wheelwright 1901, 165 lbs.; 3, K. Sherburne 1900, 155 lbs.; 2, G. Blake 1901, 140 lbs.; bow, H. F. Whitney '99, 153 lbs.; coxswain, C. E. Goodwin 1901, 108 lbs.

Intermediate singles-P. Nichols 3 L., Weld B. C.; M. O'Leary, Riverside B. C.; E. L. Pope B. A. A.; winners of novice and junior races.

Intermediate eights-Two Weld crews made up as follows: No. 1 crew-Stroke, D. D. Evans 1901, 160 lbs.; 7, R. B. Flershem '98, 160 lbs.; 6, H. R. Brigham 1901, 157 lbs.; 5, W. M. Ivins 1901, 165 lbs.; 4, R. O. Burton 1901 (captain), 162 lbs.; 3, H. R. Henderson 1901, 167 lbs.; 2, C. J. Swan 1901, 150 lbs.; bow, H. G. Hart 1901, 152 lbs.; coxswain, A. M. Rock 1900, 110 lbs. Crew No. 2-Stroke, C. H. Morrill 1900, 134 lbs.; 7, G. O. Clark 1900 (captain), 155 lbs.; 6, J. H. Lee 1900, 172 lbs.; 5, C. S. Butler '99, 169 lbs.; 4 H. Coonley '99, 162 lbs.; 3, J. B. Hawes 1900, 150 lbs.; 2, B. E. Schlesinger '99, 154 lbs.; bow, N. F. Ayer 1900, 150 lbs.; coxswain, A. L. Sweetser 1901, 110 lbs.

Senior eights-One crew each from B. A. A., Millstream B. C., and Weld B. C. The Weld crew is made up as follows: Stroke, Boardman '99, 165 lbs.; 7, McDuffie '99, 160 lbs.; 6, Tilton 1900, 175 lbs.; 5, Sheafe '99, 162 lbs.; 4, Wood '98, 168 lbs.; 3, DuBois '98 (captain), 155 lbs.; 2, Davis '99, 160 lbs.; bow, Peirce 1900, 162 lbs.; coxswain, Wadleigh 1900, 105 lbs.

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