The New Bemis Professor.

The Hon. Edward H. Strobel, who was appointed Bemis professor in international law last Wednesday, was born in Charleston, S. C., and took his A. B., in '77 and his LL. B. in '82, both from Harvard.

In July, '95, he was appointed secretary of the legation of the United States at Madrid, at which post he served until April, '90. While secretary he was really in charge of the legation for a third of the period. He was twice sent on special missions to Morocco, his second visit involving a ride of 250 miles into the interior and an interview with the Sultan. On retiring from the legation in Madrid he remained in Europe for more than two years.

In April, '93 he accepted the position of third assistant secretary of state, and after holding this post for one year he was appointed envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to Ecuador.

In December of the same year he was promoted to a similar post in Chili. This office he filled most acceptably until August, 1897. On retiring from the legation he was retained to go to Brazil on legal business for a New York life insurance company, and was also appointed arbitrator between the governments of France and Chili on the claim of Charles Frerant, a French citizen, against Chili. He returned to the United States in March last.

Mr. Strobel is an accomplished linguist, speaking French, German and Spanish, and having a good knowledge of Italian and Portuguese. He has written mainly dispatches and reports, the most important of which is a report on the resumption of specie payments in Chili.