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Nominations for Executive Committee.- Quotations from Report.


The annual meeting of the Graduates' Athletic Association will be held in Sever Hall on Monday, June 27, at 8 p. m., for the purpose of considering the reports of the executive committee and the officers of the association, for the election of members of the executive committee and for such other business as may be brought up.

The executive committee appointed a committee on nominations, consisting of Messrs. W. D. Sullivan '83; J. D. Mumford '85, G. C. Adams '86, J. B. Blake '87, P. D. Trafford '89, R. F. Herrick '90, N. T. Robb '93, P. W. Whitmore '95, E. W. Ames '96, N. P. Hallowell, Jr., '97. They are required by the constitution to nominate at least twelve candidates of whom eight only are to be elected.

Eight of the following are to be elected: C. T. Bond '94, Baltimore; Dr. W. M. Conant '79, Boston; W. D. Denegre '79, New Orleans; H. R. Edwards '83, Cleveland; Kellogg Fairbank '90, Chicago; Amos T. French '85, New York; C. J. Hubbard '83, Kansas City; Dr. J. P. Hutchinson '90, Philadelphia; L. E. Sexton '84, New York; J. J. Storrow '85, Boston; B. G. Waters '94, Boston; S. E. Winslow '85, Worcester; R. D. Wrenn '95, New York; W. S. Youngman '95, Williamsport, Pa.

The following are quotations from the report of the executive committee:

"The committee has been in communication with a large number of members of the Association in various parts of the country, wlth the object of informing the undergraduate captains in advance, of the athletic material they may expect in the forthcoming freshman class, and with the further object of assisting the captains in bringing out promising men now in college who ought to be in athletics but may not, as yet, be know. Some valuable information has been received and will be put at the disposal of the undergraduate managers and captains.

"The committee is at present considering several matters of importance in connection with the athletics of the University and will report upon them as soon as final action is taken. The secretary has received numerous letters from members asking for information or criticising the management or coaching policy of the athletic teams. Suggestions and criticisms when founded upon facts, have been communicated immediately to the captains and coaches and in many cases have proved of value. In every case suggestions and criticisms have been received by the captains and coaches in the best of spirit.

"Up to the present date applications for membership from eleven hundred and ninety-five men have been received, distributed among the various States as follows:

California, 12; Colorado, 2; Connecticut, 8; Delaware, 3; District of Columbia, 11; Florida, 2; Georgia, 1; Idaho, 1; Illinois, 25; Indiana, 5; Iowa, 1; Kansas,

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