First Game in Brown Series Played Today.- Brown Strong.

This afternoon at 3 o'clock on Soldiers Field the 'Varsity will play its first game in the series with Brown, a series which in view of Brown's good record should prove very interesting. Brown has met many of the strongest college nines, and though beaten several times, succeeded in winning the Yale series and in defeating Amherst, Dartmouth, Holy Cross and Princeton.

Of the Harvard players, Cozens has been suffering from a lame arm during the last few days, Hayes from a lame side and hip, while Morse has had a fever and will probably be unable to play any more this season. Although the pitchers are beginning to get into shape again there is still weakness in the box to increase Brown's chances.

During the last few days the Harvard nine has been given very hard work morning and afternoon. Several coaches have been out. Lewis, of the Boston team, has been coaching the pitchers. The fielders have been coached by C. L. Smith '95, Mason '93 and Wiggin '93 and are now in fair shape.

The teams will bat in the following order:

Harvard. Brown.


Laughlin, s. s. s. s., Bacon.

Burgess, c. f. 2b., Fultz.

Rand, l. f. l. f., Gammons.

Haughton, 2b. 3b., Lauder.

Reid, c. 1b., F. Croker.

Robinson, 3b. c., LeStage.

McCornick, Lynch, r. f. r. f., R. Croker.

Foster, 1b. c. f., Clarke.

Hayes, p. p., Sedgwick.