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We hear considerable complaint about the Glee club. It is said that the organization is run by a clique, that it does not represent by any means the musical abilities of the college and that some members are so disgusted with the management of the club that they are ready to resign. It is said that the club is worse now than it has been for years. A few days ago a concert was given which could not be called anything less than disgraceful.

We cannot say how much truth there may be in these charges, but they seem to indicate that something is or has been wrong in the management. If the Glee club considers itself a university organization which intends to embody the best musical talent of Harvard, the above charges are serious, and the society ought to be reformed. If it is simply a private club, it is nobody's business, of course, what it does; but the fact ought to be known so that a better organization can be formed.

We have heard several suggestions made for improving the club. The first is to make the club larger, to give more elaborate concerts and far better, with the proceeds of these concerts to employ a competent professional trainer for the whole year and by such means make it worth while for the very best men in college to devote their time to it. This professional trainer might select a chorus of fifty or sixty voices from which to feed the Glee club. Another suggestion is, to make the club smaller and more finished. There may be a difference of opinion as to the best means of improving the club, but there seems to be no doubt that the club needs improvement.

Some active reforms should be undertaken by the new officers, and first of all, in the direction of securing the best singers in college without regard to their social position.

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