Official Notice.

STUDENTS in Fine Arts 1 may have until Saturday, the 11th instant, to complete their work in the Drawing Room.

HARVARD DINING ASSOCIATION.- Students who wish to retain their places on the waiting list of the Harvard Dining Association must fill out application blanks, before Commencement Day. Blanks may be procured at the Auditor's office.

LATIN 10.- The final examination in Latin 10 will cover the whole year's work in accordance with the long established custom.

J. B. GREENOUGH.MEDICAL VISITATION.- The consultation hours during the examination period will be as follows: 8.45-9 a. m. and 4.30-5 p. m., L. S. S., daily (except Saturday and Sunday); Saturday, 8.45-9 a. m.

G. W. FITZ.HYGIENE I.- Laboratory notes must be handed in at the Laboratory, L. S. S., on or before June 7.


G. W. FITZ.MILITARY DRILL.- The various companies will meet for drill every week day at 4.30 p. m., except Saturday, till Class Day. During the examination period every man in the University should devote at least one hour a day to exercise, and that hour can be spent to no better advantage than in learning military tactics.

ENGLISH C.- Consultation hours are: Mr. Hall, Sat., 11-1 (Sever 16). Mr. Prescott, Sat., 9.15-11, 12-1. Mr. Huntington, Sat., 9-11. Briefs are not to be revised or rewritten, but forensics are. Further announcement as to the time of returning late work to students will be made.

NOTICE TO SENIORS.- English A: Members of this course during the academic year 1894-95 may obtain their themes in Sever 1, Saturday, June 4, 9-1; Monday and Tuesday, June 6 and 7, 9-5.