Promenade Concert.

The programme for the Promenade Concert tonight at Music Hall will be as follows:

Farewell appearance of Conductor Max Zach.

1. March, "The Flag," Ziehrer.

2. Overture, "Light Cavalry," Suppe.

3. Kaiser Waltz, Strauss.


4. Selection, "Faust," Gounod.

5. Baritone Solo,

6. American Patrol, Meecham.

7. Waltz, "Vienna Blood," Strauss.

8. Overture, "1812," Tschaikowsky.

9. Selection, "Wizard of the Nile," Herbert.

10. "Blissful Dream," Meyer-Helmund.

11. Polka, "Papa-Mama," Bayer.

12. March, "Under the Double Eagle," Wagner.