Special Notice.

HARVARD MEN.- Ducharme's barber shop is the only one reserved for your patronage in Cambridge. For years with Young's Hotel. Now post office block. At popular prices. Bring your razors for sharpening, etc. 2-tf

TYPEWRITING, W. E. Weaver '98, 44 College House.

THE old stand at Foster's is the best place in Cambridge to get a good lunch. All kinds of temperance drinks. 7 tf

THE Harvard Camera Club members will do well if they paste this in their camera, because no one else will develop Bull's-eye films for 20 cents and print them for 50 cents. E. W. LUNDAHL, 58 Winter St. Elevator. Established 1884.

85 2


English A; 1, 2, 3, 8, 11, 15 and 28; History 1, 10, 11, 12 and 13; Economics 1 and 7; Government 1 and 7; Phil. 1a. Tutoring.

E. GORDON PARKER, A. M., 16 Dunster Hall.83 6

PRESCOTT HALL.- A few suites for next year; study, two bed-rooms and bath-room with outside window; gymnasium and shower in basement; prices reduced. Apply to janitor or to Ellis and Melledge.

WONALANCET, N. H., Birch Interval Farm Features. 1150 ft. elevation. Mountain climbing, fishing, piano, croquet, tennis, bathroom, hot and cold water, pure mineral spring water. Fresh berries, cream and vegetables. Daily mail. Terms $5 to $8 per week. Send for circulars. I. B. Tilton, proprietor. Cambridge references. 78 5

A '98 man, with moderate capital, can find permanent position with a Boston publishing company. Business already established. All college men. Address, A. B., Crimson office. 2

GEO. T. MOFFATT, Stenographer. Typewriting and Manifolding. Crimson office.

A perfectly new Washburn banjo for sale very cheap. This is a great bargain and anyone wishing to secure such an instrument would do well to call at Briggs and Briggs Music Store.

PARK THEATRE, Eugene Tompkins. Lessee and Manager.- Baseball by Automaton players every afternoon the Bostons play away from home. Smoking allowed. Admission 25 cents.

STUDENTS.- Buy and Sell your College Text Books at the Harvard Book Store, 33 Brattle St. 1tf

TUTORING.- English 8 and 2; Italian I; Spanish I; French A, 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2c, 6 and 6c; German A, B, C, 1a, 1b.