Institute of 1770.

The fifth ten of the Institute of 1770 was taken out last night in the following order:

1. R. Lawrence, Groton.

2. C. C. Rumsey, Buffalo.

3. J. Carstairs, Philadelphia.

4. W. B. Emmons, Boston.

5. A. Blanchard, Boston.

6. J. O. Low, Brooklyn.

7. C. H. Schweppe, St. Louis.

8. W. D. Brooks, Milton.

9. A. Iselin, New Rochelle, N. Y.

10. J. A. L. Blake, Boston.

Honoraries--C. B. Wood 2L., Conshohocken, Pa.; H. Bancroft 2L., Cambridge; C. M. Sheafe, Jr., 2L., Seattle; Wash.; M. B. Holmes 1L., Kansas City; Mo.; F. E. Bissell '00, Dubuque, Ia.; W. B. Wheelwright '01, Jamaica Plain.