News from Yale

President Hadley is taking an extended trip in the west to attend the annual banquets of Yale alumni associations and to deliver addresses on the plans of the university in general and the bi-centennial building plans in particular. He has already attended banquets in Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis and Denver. He expects to speak in Colorado Springs, Kansas City, St. Louis, Louisville and Cincinnati, returning to New Haven about January 20.

During the Christmas vacation the hockey team took a trip as far west as Pittsburg. Yale was victorious in four games out of five. The basket ball team won four out of seven of its games.

The Christmas trip of the glee, banjo and mandolin clubs, which extended as far west as Minneapolis and St. Louis, was a very successful one. The clubs had large audiences and were well entertained in all the cities they visited.

An order has just been received from the Russian government for a number of Yale submarine lamps, which were invented by F. C. Hall, Jr., '99S., and I. E. Burdick '00S.

The annual catalogue, which appeared during the Christmas recess, shows the number of students in the various departments to be as follows: College 1224, scientific school 571, fine arts 90, music 107, divinity 100, medical 135, law 195, graduate 238, total of all departments 2517.

Captain Johnson of the track team has decided that the track athletes will not take part in any indoor races during the entire season. No indoor relay team will be formed and the half a dozen invitations which have been received will be declined. The annual indoor games have also been given up. The candidates will be called out about Feb. 1, and James Robinson will take charge of them. The weight candidates, who are working with Mr. Flanagan, will enter some of the indoor meets of the present season, but the runners will not. It is believed that fully two hundred candidates will begin training when Captain Johnson's call is issued.