An Explanation.

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To the Editors of the Crimson:

In reply to an editorial in yesterday's CRIMSON, referring to the removing of reserved books from the Library, I beg leave to say a few words.

In the instance with which I am concerned, the book was removed with the idea of finishing up a pressing piece of work in the night hours, and with the sincere intention of returning it early in the morning. The idea of retaining the book at the expense of other students, which I heartily condemn, was not present in any degree.

Furthermore I wish to deny that the offense was characterized by "slyness." Such expressions as "breach of faith." "forfeiture of self-respect," would have sounded strange indeed at the time. The imputation of a slinking attitude is one which I most decidedly recent.


I hope that my view will not be unintelligible to you, and that you can find space for this communication, which I feel to be necessitated by the rigorous generalisms of yesterday's CRIMSON. Yours very Truly,   H. E.