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In the ten events of the Boston College indoor meet at Mechanics Hall, Saturday night, four first, five second, and two third places were won by Harvard men. In the relay races, Harvard defeated Columbia but was beaten by Georgetown. The Freshman team lost to Andover.

The relay team made up of M. L. Bernstein '01, A. L. Dean '00, W. G. Clerk '01, and W. A. Applegate '01 defeated Columbia easily, although M. W. Long, Columbia's fourth runner, made a strong finish. The time was 3m., 15 4-5s. The race against Georgetown was the closest and most exciting event of the evening. J. H. Converse, Jr., '02 gained a short lead for Harvard which was increased by S. H. Bush '01, but P. L. Fish '01 was outclassed by T. H. Dessey who gained a considerable lead for Georgetown. A. W. Blakemore 3L. was unable to hold his own against W. J. Holland. Georgetown's time was 3m., 11 2-5s., which lowered the record, previously held by Harvard, by two-fifths of a second. The Freshman team, made up of B. C. Lancy, J. E. Haigh, M. T. Lightner and J. W. Foster, lost to Andover by about eight yards. The time was 3m., 19 3-5s.

In the novice 40-yard dash, M. T. Lightner '03, J. H. Barnes 1G. and F. J. Snite 2L. qualified for the semi-finals. Lightner qualified for the final heat and won second place in the event. B. C. Lancy '03 came in second in the 40-yard dash invitation. In the 40-yard handicap, A. W. Ristine '02, 3 ft.; G. F. Henneberry '03, 9 ft.; B. C. Lancy '03, 5 ft., and M. L. Bernstein '01, 5 ft., qualified for the semi-finals, and Lancy qualified for the finals and won second place. In the 45-yard low hurdles, A. W. Ristine '02, scratch; C. N. Kimball sL., 7 ft.; J. H. Shirk '02, 8 ft.; E. H. Webb '01, 7 ft.; R. Abercrombie '03, 8 ft.; S. G. Ellis '01, 6 ft.; H. W. Locke '02, 7 ft., and G. M. Leonard '03, 7 ft., qualified for the semifinals. Shirk won the final heat in 5 3-5s. The two-mile run was easily won by D. Grant 2M. in 10m. 5 4-5s., and O. W. Richardson 1L. took second place. In the 440-yard handicap C. J. Swan '01, 21 yds., and G. E. Behr, Jr., '01, 19 yds., qualified for the final heat and Swan won third place in the event. S. F. Rockwell '00, with a handicap of 38 yds., won the 880-yards run in 2m. 5s. R. P. Kernan '03, 6 in., won the running high jump with an actual jump of 5 ft. 6 1-4 in. N. F. Glidden, Jr., '03, 4 in., was second with an actual jump of 5 ft. 6 1-4 in.; and E. H. Webb '01, 5 in., third, with an actual jump of 5 ft. 4 in.

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