Hockey Team

During the recess the hockey team practiced every day in which the ice was in condition and although several of the best men were absent, fast team play was developed. The forwards were accurate in passing and shooting for goals, but the shots were usually too low to score against a strong defense. In three games played against the Newtowne Athletic Club the University team won by the scores of 4-2, 7-2 and 5-3. The line-up was as follows: Hoxie, (Drink-water), Beardsell, F. J. Goodridge, (Canterbury), Clarkson, forwards; Tilton, coverpoint; A. M. Goodridge, point; Russell, goal.

The following schedule of games has been arranged:

January 6. M. I. T. at Cambridge.

January 10. M. I. T. at Cambridge.

January 13. Canadian picked team at Cambridge.


January 20. Brown at Providence.

January 27. Yale at Cambridge.

February 3. Brown at Cambridge.

February 7. M. I. T. at Cambridge.

February 17. Yale (place undecided).