Fact and Rumor.

Professor C. F. Dunbar is seriously ill in Chicago.

A. Winsor, Jr., has been elected captain of the Sophomore hockey team.

H. T. Emmons '03 has been appointed assistant manager of the Freshman crew.

R. D. Crane '00 has been elected captain of the camp of the Senior Wranglers in place T. H. Whitney '00, resigned.

Since October, 200 men have been admitted to Memorial Hall and the waiting list now contains 408 names a few less than at this time last year.


Mr. A. Lawrence Lowell will give a series of lectures in Government 1 on party methods and organization using the European countries as examples.

At the meeting of the Freshman Debating Club held last night, the debate was won by the negative,--A. Black, A. King and R. A. Dean. The next debate will be held on February 15, on the question: "Resolved, That a limited monarchy, such as Great Britain, is preferable to a representative form of government such as the United States."