Candidates for the Golf Team.

Golf prospects for the coming year are unusually encouraging. Of last year's team G. C. Clark, Jr., '01, J. G. Averill, L. S., C. T. Richardson '02, C. R. Henderson '02, W. Wadsworth '02, and H. Lindsley '02, substitute, are still in College and are eligible. Richardson, however, will be prevented from playing this fall on account of a recent operation for appendicitis. Among the other promising players now in College are W. W. Hoffman, Jr., '02, winner of the President's Cup in the Lenox Tournament, A. M. Brown '03, W. B. Wood '02, T. D. Emory '02, and G. M. Wheelock '01, substitute in 1899. The material in the Freshman class is unusually strong, including H. B. Hollins, Jr., inter-scholastic champion; G. O. Winston, ex-interscholastic champion; J. M. Richards, runner-up in the Brae-Burn Tournament, N. A. Murdock, Jr., J. T. Soutten and G. P. Snow.

Although the golf club has at present no links of its own, it is probable that in a few days a nine-hole course will be secured, about forty minutes ride from Cambridge. An announcement will be made soon in regard to this matter.

Following the University championship this fall, several team matches of ten on a side, will be played. Tournaments are being arranged with the Oakley Country Club, Wollaston, the Myopia Hunt Club, the Agawam Hunt Club in Providence, and the Brookline Country Club. In addition a second team of ten men will be formed which will play matches with local clubs. The next intercollegiate team match will not take place until May, 1901.

At a meeting of the executive committee of the Harvard Golf Association the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, G. C. Clark, Jr., '0; Secretary, A. M. Brown '03; Executive Committee, C. R. Henderson, Jr., '02, Captain, J. G. Averill L. S., C. Bell L. S., G. C. Clarke, Jr., '01, A. M. Brown '03.