For a Second Glee Club.

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To the Editors of the Crimson:

Out of over a hundred candidates for the Glee Club there is room, it appears, for only about twenty men to be retained for further trial. Your issue this morning says that the trials "were unusually successful both in the number of candidates and in the quality of their voices." Insomuch as the Glee Club is necessarily a small organization, many men who have good voices and who desire to sing are left without opportunity of so doing. It is also to be doubted whether some of the best voices do not escape notice in the trials as at present conducted. It would be considered an absurdity to give a candidate for the track team or the foot ball teams only one trial, as is done with the great majority of Glee Club candidates.

Why would it not be a good idea for some member of the Glee Club to organize a second club? It would give many fellows a chance for practice, and would be an excellent way to discover material for the Varsity Club. Nor should the second club be anything like so small as the first. There may be difficulties in the way of organizing such a club, but I believe that it would pay to surmount them.   TENOR.