First Lacrosse Practice.

Thirty-six men responded to the call for candidates for the lacrosse team yesterday. Most of the men who showed up had had no previous experience in the game. Yesterday, therefore, the men were instructed principally in stickwork by several members of last year's team. Until further notice this practice will be held on Holmes Field every week-day afternoon at four o'clock. The Saturday practice will be only for those men who need special coaching.

The work this fall is chiefly for the benefit of new and inexperienced candidates. If they learn the rudiments of the game now, it will be possible for them in the spring to compete for the University team with a fair chance of success. Class teams will be formed early in the spring to play for a set of cups; and from these class teams the University team will be selected.

Following is a list of the candidates:

J. W. Sever 4M, N. P. Breed 4M, G. B. Fenwick 1M, R. Wynne 3M, R. H. Grimes 2L, C. M. Guggenheimer 2L, F. B. Taylor 2L, C. S. Anderson 1L, P. J. Eder 1L, R. B. Mitchell 1G, E. C. Carter 1L.

From 1901--P. E. Coyle, L. Hayward, C. F. Dutch, R. S. Taylor, S. Thomas, R. S. Hardy, A. H. Howard.

From 1902--E. B. Alvord, C. P. Robinson, H. S. Martin, W. T. Jones, F. C. Carter, A. E. Goddard, P. Collins, C. R. Stephenson, M. T. Nichols.

From 1903--D. P. Pennhallow, R. E. Binger, A. E. Beane, A. J. Munroe, A. B. Parson, J. C. Linehan.

From 1904--H. Bennett, H. W. Hersey, D. S. Lunt.