The Freshman Games

The Freshman fall scratch games, held on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon, did not draw as many entries as usual. The hurdles, high jump and mile run were omitted because of the small number of entries. Considering the fact that the time for training was shortened by holding the games earlier than usual, the work done was very satisfactory.

Following is the summary:

100 yards dash, first heat--Won by C. E. Clapp; second, I. G. Fry; third, J. A. Kangley Time, 10 4-5s. Second heat --Won by E. Bell, Jr.; second, P. Oakes; third, L. B. deKoven. Time, 11s. Final heat--Won by I. G. Fry; second, C. E. Clapp; third, E. Bell, Jr. Time, 10 3-5s.

200 yards dash--Won by I. G. Fry; second, J. F. McGirr, Time, 24 3-5s.

440 yards run--Won by T. L. Manson, Jr.; second, J. F. McGirr; third, A. Peterson. Time, 54 3-5s.


880 yards run--Won by C. Barues; second, G. Eaton; third, W. B. Egan. Time, 2 m. 12 2-5s.

Broad jump--Won by E. Bell, Jr.; second, A. Robeson; third, C. J. Hambleton. Distance, 19 ft. 7 in.

Shot put--Won by E. C. Kerans; second, A. Goodhue; third, R. G. Hall. Distance, 35 ft. 1 in.

Hammer throw--Won by R. G. Hall; second, E. O. Kerans; third, F. L. Arensberg. Distance, 88 ft. 5 in.

Pole vault--Won by R. G. Hall; second, S. B. Trainer; third, A. Robeson. Height, 9 ft. 6 in.