Mandolin and Banjo Clubs.

The Mandolin Club seems certain to have a successful season this year. Eighteen members of the 1900 club have returned, so that there, are but few vacancies to be filled. The officers are: President, H. Rawson '01; secretary and treasurer, W. S. Wait '01; leader, W. A. Parker '01.

The following men who played on the club last year have returned:

First Mandolins.--W. A. Parker '01, W. S. Wait '01, M. L. Wetherell '01, J. G. Peirce '01, F. F. Hedemann '02, N. C. Foot '03, C. L. Perkins '03.

Second Mandolins.--P. H. Custis '01, W. Child '02, L. B. Cummings '03.

Third Mandolins.--C. E. Aldrich '02, H. Roberts '03.


Guitars--H. Rawson '01, C. G. Wells '02, E. R. Davol '02, H. E. Holbrook '03, E. B. Van Winkle '03.

'Cello--P. M. Brown '02.

The Banjo Club also starts the new year in excellent condition. Twenty men who played on the club last year have returned to college. The officers are: President, M. B. Vanderhoof '01; secretary, P. F. Brown '01; leader, G. S. Morse '01.

The following men are playing:

Banjeaurines--G. S. Morse '01, N. B. Vanderhoof '01, W. K. S. Thomas '01, P. F. Brown '01, R. B. Whitney '02, H. D. Stickney '02, H. W. Eliot '02, F. G. Stanley 1M., F. F. Hedemann '02, K. N. Washburn '03.

Banjos--C. A. Peters '01, W. B. Bartlett '02, A. E. Corbin '02, M. E. Adler '03, H. H. Yarrington 3 Dn., A. B. Taylor '04, F. B. Ely '04, R. Sanger '04.

Guitars--H. Rawson '01, R. P. Oldham 3L., C. G. Wellis '02, E. R. Davol '02, L. T. Brown '03, A. B. Parsons '03, F. B. M. Cady '03, F. H. Poor '03, R. M. Poor '03, R. M. Acosta '04.