The scrub football games yesterday resulted as follows: Wallowers 6, Mug Hunters 6; Shysters 22, Pigskins 0.

On Nov. 9 the new boat house will be formally transferred from the Harvard Club of New York to the University.

Out of the 1760 members of the Harvard Athletic Association, 1600 have applied for single seats at the Pennsylvania game.

The Harvard Y. M. C. A. will give a reception to Dr. Lyman Abbott in their rooms Wednesday evening at 7.30. All members of the University are invited.

The Pen and Brush Club has elected the following officers for the year: President, J. G. Averill 2G.; vice-president, W. B. Bragdon '01; secretary, H. D. Grinnell '03; treasurer, C. R. Walt '03.


The Harvard Cambridge Latin School Club has elected the following officers: President, C. A. Peters '01; vice-president, C. R. Metcalf '02; secretary and treasurer, A. D. Wyman '01.

The officers of the Whist Club for the year have been elected as follows: President, A. E. Eils '02; vice-president, S. C. Scullers 2L; secretary and treasurer, S. Daggett '03; captain, M. Hyman 3L.

The Freshman Debating Club last night elected the following officers: Temporary chairman, E. W. Baker; secretary-treasurer, A. T. Roberts; members of the executive committee, N. A. Higgins, F. J. O'Connor, E. Field. Seventy-nine men have now joined the club.

The Freshman club crews are now rowing in the following orders: First Weld--Stroke, Macomber; 7, Minturn; 6, Lindsley; 5, Adams; 4, Krumbhaar; 3, Chadwick; 2, Fairchild; bow, Fuller; cox., Swan. First Newell--Stroke, Sheldon; 7, Welldon; 6, Hull; 5, Gunn; 4, Graves; 3, Bell; 2, Peabody; bow, Hunt; cox., Thorndike.

The weekly consumption of the staple articles of food at Randall Hall is as follows: 3100 pounds of beef, 840 pounds of ham and pork, 90 bushels of potatoes, 850 pounds of poultry, 530 pounds of butter, 960 pounds of lamb and veal, 75 pounds of coffee, 390 dozen eggs, 6 barrels of apples, 18 barrels of vegetables, 840 pounds of fish, 950 gallons of milk, 20 barrels of flour.