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The Freshman eleven plays its first game this afternoon with the Cambridge Manual Training School on Soldiers Field at 4 o'clock. What the line-up will be is not yet definitely decided, but the choice will be made from about twenty of the more prominent candidates. These men are: R. S. Coburn, C. Scott, C. G. Dodge, P. S. Pruyn, C. B. Marshall, E. E. Whitman, C. Fosdick, R. Sanger, R. M. Bleakie, W. K. Rainsford, T. R. Lindsay, E. V. R. Thayer, J. Jackson, J. A. Burgees, B. Cruger, O. C. Mackay, H. S. Hutchinson, J. T. Jones and S. H. Skilton, Jr. As the squad has been practicing only four days, no representative eleven is possible.

The squad has suffered this year from the lack of weight among the candidates. Indeed this has been every year a handicap to Freshman elevens: The success of J. L. Knox '98 as a coach for the past two years has been due largely to his policy of developing fast interference and careful execution of line plays. The plan this season will be directed for the same end,-to make dash and snap make up for lack of weight. Accordingly, although the playing of the squad has been undeniably ragged, it has been encouraging in that it has shown a gratifying amount of eagerness in the men.

This was all-evident from the practice yesterday. For the first time short halves were played between the four squads into which the candidates have been divided, and fast work insisted on. Although the linemen tackled high and the backs did not follow their interference, the desired dash was in the game. It was only in the centre and guard positions that the playing was below expectations. The experience of the game today will go far to weeding out the elementary faults of the men.

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