New Skating Rink Proposed.

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To the Editors of the Crimson:

Last year the project of having a skating rink for Harvard students was not proposed until last in the year, and the construction took so long that when the rink finally was completed, the majority of the students got little use out of it. The practical failure of last year's rink was due to several causes. In the first place, its small size restricted its use almost wholly to the members of the hockey team. In the second place, it was built on reclaimed land, which caused the water to run out and the ice to crack in consequence when the tide was low. This year arrangements must be made early if the project of having a rink is to be successful, and there is no reason why it should not be so. The most important factor for its success is to have the plans drawn up by some one who thoroughly understands the construction of an ice-rink. If the students could be certain that the rink was to be an assured thing; that it was going to be large enough and well enough construct-to permit good skating for all its members--there is little doubt but that it would receive the financial support that would be necessary. UNDERGRADUATE.