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The annual fall regetta was held yesterday afternoon under conditions which were decidedly favorable considering the lateness of the season. The head wind prevented any fast time but was not strong enough to hinder the rowing.

The single race was won easily by F. J. Snite 3L., who took the lead at the start and finished four lengths in the lead. Marshall finished second about seven lengths ahead of Ells.

The race between the third and fourth Weld and third Newell graded crews was won by the third Weld. The third Newell was half a length behind the third Weld and about two lengths ahead of the fourth Weld.

In the race of the Freshman crews the Weld won again. The first Weld secured a lead at the start and held it to the finish. The second Weld and first Newell had a close race for the first mile but then the Weld drew ahead and finished a length in the lead. The second Newell come in about six lengths behind.

The last race was between the first and second graded crews from each club. The second Weld had the wall, then the first Weld, first Newell and second Newell came in order. This gave the Newell the advantage of tide but the Weld had quieter water. At the start the first Newell jumped to the lead with the second Weld next and the first Weld last.

All the crews settled down to about thirty two strokes a minute but the Newell seemed to have more life and sent their boat well ahead. At the half-mile the first Newell was half a length ahead with the first Weld and second Newell about even. The second Weld was about one-third of a length behind. From this point the Weld crews began to gain and just before the bridge the two first crews were about even, with the second crews a length behind. As they passed under the bridge both Newell crews spurted and gained half a length. At the mile and a half post the first Newell led by one quarter of a length. From now on the race was a succession of spurts but the first Newell managed to hold the lead and won by three feat. The second Newell finished about four lengths behind the first Weld and a length ahead of the second Weld. The time was 10 minutes and 46 seconds. The orders of the winning crews follow:

First Newell--Stroke, Brownell; 7, Blake; 6, Bullard; 5, Henderson; 4, Perkins; 3, Swaim; 2, Morris; bow, Goodell; cox., Howe.

Third Weld--Stroke, Wolcott; 7, Francis; 6, Silsbee; 5, DuBois; 4, Farlow; 3, Richardson; 2, Barnes; bow, Burroughs; cox., Davidge.

First Weld Freshman--Stroke, Macomber; 7, Minturn; 7, Thanisch; 5, Adams; 4, Lindsley; 3, Chadwick; 2, Krumbhaar; bow, Fairchild; cox., Swan.

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