Institute of 1770

The third ten of the Institute of 1770 from 1903 was taken out last night in the following order:

1. J. S. Pitkin, Boston.

2. A. L. Nickerson, Dedham.

3. F. B. Riggs, New York.

4. W. S. Godfrey, Philadelphia.


5. W. B. Rogers, New York.

6. A. W. Swann, Stockbridge, Mass.

7. A. M. Brown, New York.

8. P. W. Livermore, New York.

9. S. H. Noyes, Newport.

10. B. C. Wright, Dorchester.

Honararies: W. G. Lee '01, A. H. Fox '02, D. G. Frantz '02, L. B. McCormick '02, H. S. Knowles '02, D. D. L. McGrew '03.