University Calendar

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Tuesday, Nov. 27.

*Senior Senate. Discussion of a Resolution condemning the present educational qualifications for franchise in North Carolina. Harvard 6, 7 p. m.

*Sophomore Debating Club. Debate. Lecture Room of the Fogg Museum, 7. p. m. Question: "Resolved, That President McKinley's administration has been advantageous for the country." Affirmative: A. Black, D.P. Lockwood, and H.H. Atwood.--Negative: P.B. Olney, J.J. Mahoney, and J.T. Sears.

*Geological Conference. Papers: The Falls of the Ohio. Major W.J. Davis.-- Note on the Passage around Cape Horn. Professor Ward. Rotch Building, 8 p. m.

*Lectures on Education. I. The Mutual Responsibilities of the Home and the School. Professor Hanus. Harvard 1, 8 p. m.