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The Pennsylvania Team.


Pennsylvania began this season with the best outlook of any of the four leading teams, with the possible exception of Yale. Her only losses from last year's team were Overfield, centre, Snover, tackle, and Outland, end. Of last year's line, Wallace, tackle, and Hare and Teas, guards, probably the three best men, remain, and with them as a nucleus the vacancies seem to have been satisfactorily filled. McCloskey has proved an able successor at centre to Overfield, whose substitute he was for two years. Horner and Zimmerman, tackles, and W. Gardiner and Hodge, ends, have filled the other vacancies. Back of the line. Graves, quarter, and Potter, Davidson and J. Gardiner, halves, have all done brilliant work, while the strong, all-round play of McCracken at fullback is too well known to need comment.

Under the coaching of Mr. Geo. Woodruff, who has had charge for several years, the team has become highly developed in the guards back style of play and has gained that absolute concert of action necessary to its effective execution. The guards back play consists of taking both guards out of the line and placing them, one behind the other, on either side of centre and about two yards back. The tackles go in next to centre and the ends into the tackle positions. The backs, in accordance with the rules, play five yards back of the rush line. Plays can then be run anywhere, and by any player except centre. This formation is very close and its success depends almost entirely upon absolutely concerted action. Pennsylvania thus gets more use out of her line men, especially the guards, on the offensive, than do any of the other teams, while her backs may be used just as effectively.

In kicking, the team has three men--Hare, Graves and Potter--all of whom are efficient in punting, drop-kicking and place-kicking. The condition of the men throughout the season has been unusually good, and the playing time in all of the early games has been longer than in those of Harvard; Princeton or Yale. Her scoring has been entirely by straight football.

The games to date have been:

Sept. 29, Pennsylvania, 27; Lehigh, 6.

Oct. 3, Pennsylvania, 47; Franklin and Marshall, 0.

Oct. 6, Pennsylvania, 38; Haverford, 0.

Oct. 10, Pennsylvania, 35; Dickinson, 0.

Oct. 13, Pennsylvania, 12; Brown, 0.

Oct. 17, Pennsylvania, 17; Penn State 5.

Oct. 20, Pennsylvania, 30; Columbia, 0.

Oct. 27, Pennsylvania, 41; Chicago, 0.

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