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The Harvard Camera Club has received from the Camera Club of the University of Pennsylvania a letter suggesting that an intercollegiate competition be arranged this year. The Harvard club has therefore proposed the following conditions and sent them to Philadelphia for consideration.

1. The contest to take place in March or April.

2. Each club to submit in competition its best hundred pictures chosen in any way it may see fit; no more than twenty pictures to be submitted by any one competitor.

3. No framed pictures allowed.

4. Only active members of each club and university to compete.

5. Each exhibitor to mark on a card on the back of each picture the amount of work he did himself; but in every case the treatment must have been made by the exhibitor.

6. The exhibit shall be judged by three judged, preferably the presidents of the New York, Boston, and Philadelphia Camera Clubs.

7. After the decision the whole number of pictures to be publicly exhibited for a number of days at each University in turn.

It is probable that the camera clubs of Yale and Princeton will also enter into this contest.

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