Charles Gould 1902 was elected captain of the Yale football team last night.

The Harvard basketball team was defeated last night by the Salem Y. M. C. A. team by a score of 23 to 18.

The Chelsea High School Club has elected the following officers: President, E. E. Elder 2L; vice-president, C. P. McCarthy '02; secretary, W. D. Head '02; treasurer, E. P. Churchill '04.

The total cash sales of the Yale co-operative store last year were 848,450,78. The membership was 884. The corresponding figures of the Harvard Co-operative Society were 8206,457,56 and 2471.

The fourth annual convention of physical directors of the leading universities and colleges of the United States will be held in New York at Columbia University on Friday and Saturday, December 28 and 29. Dr. Sargene will attempt from Harvard.


At a meeting of men from Chicago last night a club was organised with the following .

Dr. Edward Everett Hale has recently given the Semitic Museum a collection of about three hundred Egyptian .