Balloting for Officers from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. in the Crimson Office.

The Senior election for First, Second and Third Marshals, Secretary, Orator, Poet, Ivy Orator, Odist and Chorister, will be held today between 8 a. m. and 5 p. m. in the CRIMSON office, 1304 Massachusetts avenue. Men are requested to come between hours as much as possible to avoid the rush just after lectures. In voting for Marshals the following rule should be borne in mind:

"Every elector shall vote for three candidates for Marshals, indicating his preference for First, Second and Third Marshal. Of the three elected, that candidate receiving the highest number of votes cast for First Marshal shall be First Marshal; of the other two elected, that one whose total vote for First and Second Marshal is the greater, shall be Second Marshal, the other candidate being Third Marshal. Any ballot not containing three names for Marshals will be thrown out."

The nominations for to-day's election are:

Marshals--C. D. Daly, J. W. Hallowell, J. Lawrence, Jr., W. T. Reid, Jr.

Secretary--H. B. Clark.


Poet--C. F. C. Arensberg.

Ivy Orator--F. R. DuBois.

Odist--J. G. Forbes.

Orator--H. P. Chandler.

Chorister--N. H. Pride.