The Musical Clubs.

The past week may be said to mark the real beginning of the concert season with the Musical Clubs. The new material developed at the trials has been worked over, and the make-up of the three clubs is now practically final for the present half-year.

The Glee Club at the beginning of the year had a large number of old men in every part except that of second tenor. Fortunately the trials brought out several promising men for this part. At present the material is good, but the club has not yet acquired sufficient unity and precision. This weakness is likely to be largely overcome by a little experience. The club will suffer severely by the loss of the Senior members, who will retire at the time of the mid-years. The following men are now singing on the club:

First Tenors.--H. C. Hawkins '01, B. Taylor '01, A. S. Proudfoot '02, H. H. Murdock '01, R. C. Paige '03, N. K. Wilcox '04, R. A. Wood '03, S. A. Storer '03, A. M. Smith '02.

Second Tenors.--W. Wadsworth '02, E. W. C. Jackson '02, C. S. Walker '02, G. Lawton '04, P. Dana '04, J. R. Howard, Jr. '04, H. W. Keene '01.

First Basses.--C. W. Jaynes '01, I. R. Hoxie '01, D. M. Spratt '01, H. J. Davenport 1L, C. L. Ellison '01, F. R. DuBois '01, S. Baird '03, R. Inglis, '03, C. H. Derby '03, A. E. Lunt '03, A. B. Baird '04.


Second Basses.--W. A. Frost '01, C. Crocker '01, M. R. Brownell '02, H. Movius '02, J. C. Rowley '02, B. H. Peirce '02, R. S. Rainsford '02, J. A. Field '03, D. D. L. McGrew '03.

C. W. Locke '01 is the soloist.

The Mandolin Club is at present the most advanced of the three, and is fully up to its standard of last year. It has a large portion of old members, and is playing rather more difficult music than usual, with good success. The club is made up as follows:

First Mandolins.--W. S. Wait '01, M. L. Wetherell '01, G. Peirce '01, F. F. Hedeman '02, C. L. Perkins '03, N. C. Foot '03, W. Miner '01, H. Bartlett '04, W. A. Parker '01.

Second Mandolins.--P. H. Curtis '01, L. B. Cummings '03, W. H. Child '02, A. H. Allen '04.

Third Mandolins.--C. E. Aldrich '02, G. H. Dowse '03, D. K. James '03, A. W. Huguley '03, J. H. Tuckerman '04.

Guitars.--H. Rawson '01, C. G. Wells '02, H. E. Holbrook '03, E. R. Davol '02, E. B. Van Winkle '03, L. T. Brown '03, A. B. Parson '03, A. Wait '04, W. C. Titcomb '04.

Violin.--C. S. Walker '02.

'Cello.--P. M. Brown '02.

Although all the men on the Banjo Club except five played last year, yet the pieces are still lacking in dash and rhythm. The time, also, is usually too slow for the best effect. The faults are gradually being corrected, and the club is playing better at every concert. These men are now retained with the club:

Banjeaurines.--N. B. Vanderhoof '01, P. F. Brown '01, G. S. Morse '01, F. G. Stanley 1M, H. D. Stickney '02, F. F. Hedemann '02, K. N. Washburn '03, R. B. Whitney '02, H. W. Eliot '02, W. K. S. Thomas '01.

Banjos.--C. A. Peters '01, A. E. Corbin '02, N. B. Bartlett '03, M. E. Adler '03, H. H. Yarrington 3Dn., A. B. Taylor '04, F. B. Ely '04.

Guitars.--H. Rawson '01, R. P. Oldham 3L, C. G. Wells '02, E. R. Davol '02, F. R. M. Cady '03, L. T. Brown '03, F. H. Poor '03, A. B. Parson '03.

Mandolas.--W. H. Child '02, G. H. Dowse '03.