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News from Yale.


Of this year's football team Yale loses next year by graduation F. G. Brown, Jr., '01, left guard and captain; S. L. Coy '01, right end; W. M. Fincke '01S, quarter-back; H. P. Olcott '01, centre; J. H. Wear '01, quarterback; Charles Dupee '01, fullback; G. S. Stillman '01, right tackle, and possibly P. T. W. Hale, graduate, fullback. Hale may return for another year of graduate work in the university. The football eleven will thus lose seven and possibly eight of its strongest men, and of the substitutes the following graduate: T. S. Adams '01S, P. H. Kunzig '01L, C. G. Miller '01S, R. R. Richardson '01 and, J. C. Tomlinson '01. There is left, however, a nucleus for a strong team in the following men, who remain in college: G. B. Chadwick '03, halfback; J. R. Bloomer '01, left tackle; C. Gould '02, end; A. H. Sharpe '02M, halfback; R. Sheldon '02S, right guard; H. C. Holt '03, centre; C. D. Rafferty '03S, end.

Fifty-one men in the university, including the managers of the athletic teams, are entitled to wear the "Y." The following sixteen men have won it in football: 1901--F. G. Brown, S. L. Coy, C. Dupee, G. S. Stillman, J. H. Wear; 1901S.--W. M. Fincke; 1902--H. P. Olcott, C. Gould; 1902S.--R. Sheldon; 1903--H. C. Holt, G. B. Chadwick; 1903S.--C. D. Rafferty; 1904--J. R. Bloomer; 1G.--P. W. Hale; 1902M.--A. H. Sharpe; R. B. Hixon 1901, manager.

The following men have been chosen to represent Yale in the debate with Harvard: Mason Trowbridge '02, of Chicago, Ill.; Charles W. Merriam '01 of Springfield, Mass.; Frank H. Sincesboaux '02, of Moravia, N. Y. Alternates--R. H. Ewell '03, and A. Tulin '03.

The fall work of the Yale crews was finished last week. Some good material for the university crew was developed from the inexperienced men and men who had had some training on the freshman crew last year. The showing of the candidates, on the whole, was very satisfactory.

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