The Warren House Site.

To the Editors of the Crimson:

We invite all members of the University to contribute to this column, but we are not responsible for the sentiments expressed.

I have read many theories in connection with the proposed site of the Harvard Union. I would like to give some facts. Facts which are the result of actual experiment and computation. I wish to show (1) That the proposed site on the corner of Quincy and Harvard streets is not "out of the way." (2) That each person's idea of the convenience of a situation is largely a matter of habit and custom.

(1) The proposed site is within three minutes' walk from the following places: Memorial Hall, Holworthy Hall, Little's Block, and the corner of Dunster and Mt. Auburn streets. When one stops to consider that all the dormitories of the Yard, 16 private dormitories, countless lodging houses, and ten club houses are within three minutes of the proposed site, the complaint that the site is out of the way seems groundless. Of course if we could tear down some building in the Yard, and erect the club on its site, the walk to the club would be shortened by almost 100 seconds. Moreover the student could drop in for a minute or so between lectures, but how short are those minutes when compared with the whole afternoon and evening which is free to most of us! How unimportant to the success of the club is that ebb and flow "between the acts."

My second point is the question of habit. What one of us who in his Freshman year frequented Sanborn's ever thought of it as being "out of the way"? Those who went, went as a matter of course and never thought of the distance. Yet Sanborn's is less than 60 second's walk from the proposed site. When the Union is completed the Freshman class at least will form the habit of frequenting it. As they advance to be Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors, the habit will certainly stay with them to some extent. Moreover it will be the same way with each succeeding class, and the habit will finally become universal.

Therefore I say, build the Union on the corner of Quincy and Harvard streets. It is the most available site we possess. Centre in the club as many College interests as possible and it will consequently become a rendezvous. It will even be considered convenient, and custom and usage will abolish all thoughts to the contrary. A JUNIOR.