Division of Rowing Men.

Lists have been made out dividing all the rowing material in College as evenly as possible, but since it has been impossible to obtain complete lists, there may be some omissions. Any man whose name does not appear will please send his name to John L. Saltonstall, 12 Claverly Hall. Unfortunately the list containing the division of the upper class men and Law School men has been carried away by mistake, but it will be printed as soon as it is returned. The division of the Freshmen is as follows:


Freshmen--Abbott E. H., Abbott L. B., Jr., Ames F., Atwater, Ayer, Bard, Bartlett, Bean, Bigelow A., Binger, Boylston, Boardman, Bray, Brewer, Brewster, Brown, Bryant J., Bryant, Burgess, Child, Clark G., Clark J. D., Crowell, Cudahy, Daggett, Deland, DuBois D., Dupont, Fernald, Foot, Forbes, Foster F. WC., Foster J. W., Godfrey, Hall P. F., Hanavan, Harding, Heard, Heycock, Hills, Houghton, Judson, Kellogg, Kernan, Knowles, Knowlton, Koole, Lawrence, Lomax, Loring, Lovering, Macdonald, Mason, Manning, Martin, Mason F. C., Mann H. W., Mather, McGlensey, McGrew, Nickerson, Page, Parson, Percival, Pier, Randolph, Ricker, Ruhl, Safford, Stanwood, Stevens, St. Gaudens, Stone, Storer, Swann, Warland, Weed, Whitridge, Whiting C., Wiggin, Winsor, Wolcott W., Wright B.


Abeles, Adams, Ames A., Appleton, Bancroft, Barton, Bent, Bigelow L., Blaikie, Boutell, Bowditch, Bullivant, Chadbourne, Clark W., Corbett, Coventry, Cummings, Derby, Dexter, Dickenson, Downs, Dowse, DuBois E., Endicott, Fitz, Foss, Fox, Gade, George, Glasgow, Goldsmith, Graydon, Gray, Greenough, Hall S., Hartwell, Haskell, Jackson, Jennings, Jones, Keith, Kingsbury, Krumbhaar, Littig, Little, Linehan, Lloyd, Locke, Maltby, Mead, Monks, Moon, Peabody, Piper W., Piper W. B., Pitkin, Pulsiver, Pumpelly, Roberts, Roche, Ronimus, Rotch, Smith, Souther, Spencer, Starr, Streit, Switzer, Taylor, Tenney, Thomas B. F., Thomas T. H., Warner, Wells, Whiting E., Whitwell, Williams J. P., Williams H. T., Wolcott S., Wright C. F.


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