Discussion of System of Preparation.--Admission Examinations.

The ninth annual meeting of the Harvard Teacher's Association was held Saturday morning in Sanders Theatre. At the business meeting, which preceded the addresses, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, Mr. H. P. Amen, principal of Phillips Exeter Academy; vice-president, Mr. F. A. Tupper, of Boston; secretary, Assistant Professor P. H. Hanus, of Cambridge; treasurer, Mr. O. B. Oakman, of South Braintree. Mr. C. H. Morss, of Medford, was re-appointed councillor for a term of five years.

Principal Amen was the first speaker of the day. He showed that the first three years of preparatory school work are over-crowded, and spoke of various methods by which a much-needed change could be made.

He was followed by Mr. William G. Thayer, headmaster of St. Marks' School, Southboro, and Mr. Edgar H. Nichols of the Browne and Nichols School, Cambridge, both of whom showed the evils of "cramming" for examinations, and suggested various changes in the preparation of candidates for college examinations.

On behalf of the councillor of the association, Mr. Browne presented the following resolutions, which are to be sent to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences:

"Resolved, That a student for admission to College be allowed to divide his examination into two parts, to be taken in two successive years.

"Resolved, That a successful examination in any subject for which a candidate is duly prepared be allowed to count for admission.

"Resolved, That in doubtful cases of admission a candidate's school record shall be taken into consideration."

Dinner was served at the Colonial Club, and later Edwin D. Mead and President James MacAlister of Drexel Institute, Philadelphia, addressed the association on "The Adjustment of Education to Contemporary Needs."