The Delta Upsilon Play.

For its spring theatricals this year the Delta Upsilon will present "The Maid in the Mill," by Beaumont and Fletcher. Performances will be given at Brattle Hall in Cambridge on April 5 and 6, and at Copley Hall in Boston on April 9.

The play was written about 1618 and held the stage a number of years, being probably the most popular comedy of that period. Like "Romeo and Juliet" it depicts the adventures of two members of warring families, who fall in love with each other. Although the play is published among the works of Beaumont and Fletcher, many scholars believe it to have been written, in part at least, by Rowley.

Following is a brief sketch of the plot: Don Julio, having fallen in love with Ismenia, goes to a county fair and is followed by the latter and her maid in disguise. While there the girls flirs with Don Julio and his companions, and win their love a second time. A by-scene in the play is afforded by the abduction of Florimel, daughter of the miller, by Count Otrante; later the miller and his son Bustopha succeed in winning the King's favor, Florimel is found at the home of the count, and the two eventtually fall in love and are married.

The play is full of amusing situations, in one of which a foppish French tailor, in search of the latest fashions, falls in with a company of courtiers who owe him money. There follows some very amusing horseplay, characteristic of the time in which the comedy is written. Another series of amusing incidents is afforded by numerous mistakes occuring during the progress of an elopement. The King finally settles all the disputes, and the play ends with the marriage of Ismenia and Don Julio together with the reconciliation of the hostile families.

The cast is as follows: Philippo, King of Spain,  A. P. Fitch '00. Don Julio,  J. W. Gilles '02. Belides,  W. M. Chadbourne '00. Antonio,  J. H. Holmes '02. Martine,  J. H. Barnes '00. Lisauro,  C. F. C. Arensberg '01. Terzo,  G. J. Wright '00. Otrante, a Duke,  W. N. Seaver '00. Gerasto, his servant,  H. G. Schleiter '00. Moncado, courtier,  R. D. Brackett '01. Pedro, courtier,  C. F. Adams '00. Vertigo, a tailor,  E. E. Sargeant '00. Franio, a miller,  N. F. Hall '09. Bustopha, his son,  J. G. Brackett '01. Ismenia,  W. C. Arensberg '00. Aminta,  R. I. Lee '02. Florimel,  H. W. French '01. Gillian,  J. P. Sanborn '00. Courtiers, Rustics, Shepherds,  Nymphs.

Scene: A town in Spain during the Carnival. Time: Early part of 17th Century.

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