The German Play

Mr. Conried's company which will present Goethe's Iphigenie on March 22, will be made up as follows: Iphigenie,  Martha Schiffel. Thoas, King of Tauris,  Carl Bender. Pylades,  Rudolph Klein-Rhoden. Arkas,  August Meyer-Eigen. Orestes,  Carl Wagner.

The scene is laid in Tauris, at the grove of Diana. Agamemnon, king of the Greeks, had sought to sacrifice his daughter, Iphigenie, but the goddess Diana, taking pity on her, had carried her off and installed her as a priestess in the temple at Tauris.

Here Thoas, King of Tauris, pays his suit to Iphigenie, but his attentions are repelled. The king, angered at being rejected, orders her, as priestess of the temple, to execute as human sacrifice, and for that purpose hands over two strangers to her, whom he has found on the seashore.

A conversation ensues between Iphigenie and one of the strangers and she learns to her horror that the intended victim is her own brother, Orestes. She then reveals her own identity to him and together they plan a means of escape.

Meanwhile Thoas becomes suspicious at the delay and demands that the sacrifice proceed. Iphigenie, finding procrastination no longer possible, reveals to the king the identity of herself and her brother and beseeches him for mercy. After an inward struggle, the king relents, pardons the brother and sister, and permits them to return to their native land.


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