Review of Winter Track Work.

Since the candidates for the track team began work in the Gymnasium early in January they have taken part in three indoor meets.

In the first of these, the Boston College games, on Saturday night, January 27, Harvard won in the ten events four first, five second, and two third places. In the relay races Harvard defeated Columbia, but was beaten by Georgetown in record breaking time, 3m. 11 2-5s. The point winners for Harvard in these games were M. T. Lightner '03, second in the novice 40-yard-dash, B.C. Lancy '03, second in the 40-yard dash, invitation, and in the 40-yard handicap; J.H. Shirk '02, first in the 45-yard handicap low hurdles; D. Grant 2M., first, and O.W. Richardson 1L., second, in the two-mile run; C. J. Swan '01, third in the 440-yard handicap; S.F. Rockwell '00, first in the 880-yard run; R. P. Kernan '03, 6 in., first in the handicap running high jump with an actual jump of 5 ft. 6 1-4 in.; N. F. Glidden, Jr., '03, 4 in., second, with the same actual jump, and E.H. Webb '01, 5 in., third, with an actual jump of 5 ft. 4 in.

In the eleventh annual indoor meet of the Boston Athletic Association on Saturday evening, Feb. 3, Harvard men won two first, two second, and two third places. The Harvard relay team defeated Pennsylvania by 100 feet in 3m. 12 2-5s. The second team was given the race against the B.A.A. relay team on a foul. The Juniors won the class relay race from the Freshmen. The other point winners for Harvard were: J.H. Shirk '02, third in the 45-yard handicap low hurdles; R. McC. Walsh '02, 35 yds., second in the 1000-yard handicap; N. F. Glidden, Jr., '03, 5 in., first, and F.C. Ware '01, 5 in., second, in the handicap running high jump, Glidden winning in the jump-off after each had made an actual jump of 5 ft. 6 5-8 in.; H.F. Cochems 3L., 2ft. 3in., first in the shot put with an actual put of 42 ft. 7 1-2in.; E.H. Smith '00, 12 in., third in the three standing jumps.

The Roxbury Latin School indoor games were held on Thursday, Feb. 22. Thirty-nine Harvard men competed in three open events and four won places. They were R. P. Kernan '03, first, and A.N. Rice '00, second, in the 40-yard low hurdles in 5 1-2s.; A.W. Ristine '02, first, and B.C. Lancy '03, second, in the 30-yard dash in 3 3-4s.

A short time after the B.A.A. games the candidates, with the exception of those in the pole vault and the weights, were given a week's rest. Since then the work has continued regularly, at first, indoors, and later on the road. The distance men are now taking brisk walks of several miles and ending with a run of varying length, while the candidates for the sprints, hurdles and jumps are playing handball. Mr. Lathrop expects to put the men on the Holmes Field track today and will call out the entire squad of some three hundred candidates. The team has gone out as early as March 15 only once in the last five years.


This year's team promises to be fully as strong as last year's in every event excepting possibly the half and quarter-mile. Beside the ten point-winners in the Harvard-Yale games last May who are still in College, there is a great abundance of both finished and raw material with which to fill vacancies.