University Calendar

*Open to the public. **Open to the University.

Friday, Mar. 30.

**History of Classical Studies. XIII. Professor Morgan. Sever 18, 3.30 p. m.

**Afternoon Tea. Brooks House, 4 to 6 p. m.

*Divinity School. Devotional Service with Sermon. Mr. F. R. Griffin. Divinity Chapel, 7.30 p.m.

*Classical Club. Ancient Troy. (Illustrated). Professor Goodwin. Lecture Room of the Fogg Museum, 8 p. m. The middle section of seats will be reserved for members of the Faculty and of the Club until 7.50 p. m.


Social Psychology Club. Professor Lindley M. Keasbey of Bryn Mawr. Subject: The Institution of Society. Psychological Laboratory, Upper Dane, 8 p. m. Open to advanced students of Philosophy and Economics.