Freshman Musical Clubs.

The material for the Freshman musical clubs this year does not differ much in quality from that of previous clubs. There seems, however, to have been but little interest in organizing the clubs and in putting them on a secure footing. Except for the Mandolin Club they are not nearly so advanced as they should be at this time of the year. In may the clubs will give the usual three concerts in the vicinity of Boston.

A large number of candidates came out for the Glee Club last fall and from these a good club has been provisionally chosen. It has been backward in forming but should improve greatly during the next two months. The following men are still retained on the club:

First tenors--W. E. Chapman, H. E. Kelley, R. C. Paige, R. A. Wood, O. L. Bear, S. A. Storer.


Second tenors--W. James, G. Fernald, A. B. Parson, E. Breed, H. L. Riker, S. Baird, F. W. C. Foster.

First basses--S. Waller, H. S. Allen, H. W. Bingham, A. K. Hutchins, R. Inglis, A. Derby, N. L. Tenney, A. E. Lunt, P. Adams, H. R. Maxon.


Second basses--D. D.L. McGrew, A. C. Boylston, E. Bowditch, H. B. Wills, J. A. Field, E.I. Cudaby, F. E. Ames.

The Mandolin Club has been having rehearsals regularly since Christmas. It has excellent material, is the furthest advanced of the three clubs and is playing in better form than did last year's club at this time. The officers are: President, G. H. Dowse; treasurer, N. C. Foot; leader, H. P. Brown. The members are:

First mandolins--L. B. Cummings, W. Tuckerman, C. L. Perkins, C. R. Cross, Jr., G. H. Dowse, H. P. Brown.

Second mandolins--H. Dana, H. B. Wells, A. P. Afong, N. C. Foot, P. Bancroft, L. J. Eddy.

Guitars--L. P. Brown, F. H. Poor, L. Albright, R. W. Ruhl, A. W. Goldsmith, F. M. Cady, H. E. Holbrook, E. B. Van Winkle.

'Cello--H. N. Strauss.

Violin--R. C. Van Amringe.

The Banjo Club is not yet formed. Two trials have been held but only about six men have responded at each. If a Banjo Club can not be formed the Glee and Mandolin Clubs will be seriously handicapped in their concerts. Another trial for the Banjo Club will therefore be held in 11 Hollis tomorrow evening at 6.45 o'clock.