Cups for Kicking.

To the Editors of the Crimson:

I beg to call your attention to the following notice which is to be sent to all the members of the football squad:

"At the end of the football practice this spring, or early in the fall, as may seem best to the captain of the eleven and the coaches, three silver cups will be offered to men eligible for next year's eleven for contests in punting, drop and place kicking. The contests will be conducted by the coaches, and accuracy, quickness, height, placing and distance will all be considered. The cups will be the property of the winners, and similar cups will be offered again in 1901 and 1902.

"As these cups are offered to develop kickers, no one will be allowed to win more than one cup in the same event, or more than one cup in one year, although he may enter for all three events. For instance, if a man should win punting this year, next year he could compete for place and drop kicking only."

These cups have been very kindly offered by Messrs. I. Tucker Burr, Jr., '79, Winthrop Burr '84, and Allston Burr '89. Provided that the interest and the standard of kicking is high enough, the competition will be held this spring. C. D. DALY.