Students Asked to Give up Rooms and Furniture for Cuban Teachers.

A meeting of the undersigned members of Harvard University was held last night in the parlor of Phillips Brooks Memorial to consider the housing of the Cuban teachers who will be in Cambridge for six weeks during the summer. All expenses for instruction and board will be paid by Harvard University, and a subscription to that end will be taken up among the graduates. The women, about 900 in number, will be lodged in the private boarding houses of Cambridge and it will be necessary to find rooms, furniture and bedding for the men in the College dormitories. There will be between five and six hundred of them. The undersigned feel that the students should aid to the best of their ability towards the carrying out of the great project undertaken by the President and Fellows, and should esteem it a privilege to contribute their share towards its success. A canvas of the College dormitories will therefore be made on Wednesday and Thursday for the purpose of obtaining the names of all men willing to give up their rooms, furniture, and bedding to the use of the Cuban men during their stay. Men in private dormitories who are not in a position to give their rooms can lend their beds and bedding or subscribe money for the purchase of what is lacking to house the Cubans comfortably. A committee consisting of W. A. M. Burden '00 (chairman), R. C. Bolling '00, J. N. Trainer '00, A. N. Rice '00, H. W. Foote 2Dv., H. B. Stanton '00, H. B. Clark '01 and C. C. Mann '99, as secretary, was appointed to direct and assist in the work. One or two students in each dormitory will constitute a subcommittee to visit all the rooms of the dormitory for the purpose of obtaining the information necessary to putting the students' share of this work on its feet. All students are earnestly requested to aid this great undertaking. [Signed],

Ira N. Hollis.

R. C. Bolling '00.

F. E. Bissell '00.

S. W. Lewis '00.

F. O. Byrd '00.

E. P. Loud '01.

A. Drinkwater '00.

S. Kennedy 1L.

E. Mayer '00.

W. T. Reid, Jr., '01.

H. B. Stanton '00.

H. B. Clark '01.

O. F. Shaw '01.

W. A. M. Burden '00.