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Leiter Cup Series.


The twenty three teams which have entered in the Leiter Cup series have been divided into three sections as follows:

Section I, which will play Mondays and Thursdays, is composed of the following old teams: Dew Drops, Dinwits, Incognitos, No Names, Rubber Necks, Jumbos, Hot Tomales and Baby McKees. Section II, which will play on Tuesdays and Fridays, is made up of the following new teams: Fussers, Rounders, Boers, High Balls, Wash Bottles, Barristers, Little Ministers, and Dropped Eggs. Section III will play Wednesdays and Saturdays. It is composed of the following new teams: Cherubs, Lobsters, Boiler Makers, Hardly Ables, Minced Chickens, Snully Guzzles, and Zazas. In addition to these a number of individual players have been assigned to Section III, under the name of Freezeouts.

The first game will be played Wednesday, April 25, between the teams in Section III. A supplement to the CRIMSON will be issued not later than April 25, which will give all necessary playing rules.

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