Freshman Baseball Schedule.

The Freshman baseball schedule is announced as follows:

Tuesday, April 17. Boston Latin at Cambridge.

Wednesday, April 18. Thayer at Braintree.

Saturday, April 21. Pomfret at Pomfret.

Tuesday, April 24. Cambridge High and Latin at Cambridge.

Wednesday, April 25. Dean Academy at Cambridge.

Saturday, April 28. Second nine at Cambridge.

Tuesday, May 1. M. I. T. '02 at Cambridge.

Thursday, May 3. M. I. T. '03 at Cambridge.

Saturday, May 5. Open.

Wednesday, May 8. Tufts second at Cambridge.

Saturday, May 12. Yale Freshmen at New Haven.

Wednesday, May 16. St. Mark's at Southboro.

Saturday, May 19. Andover at Cambridge.

Wednesday, May 23. Brown '03 at Cambridge.

Saturday, May 26. Andover at Andover.

Wednesday, May 30. Exeter at Exeter.

Saturday, June 2. Yale freshmen at Cambridge.