University Calendar.

*Open to the public. **Open to the University.

Monday, Apr. 23.

Seminary of American History and Institutions. European Intervention in Mexico. Mr. H. L. Wilson. University 24, 3.30 p. m.

Tuesday, Apr. 24.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Meeting at University 5, 4 p. m.

**Sophomore Debating Club. Debate. Sever 35, 7 p. m. Question: "Resolved, That there be an intercollegiate rule against professional coaching in athletics." Affirmative: Holmes's Camp.--Negative: Bernbaum's Camp.

Chamber Concert. The Kneisel Quartette, assisted by Mr. Max Zach, Viola. Sanders Theatre, 7.45 p. m. Programme: Beethoven, Quintette in C major; Mozart, Adagio from Quintette in G minor; Smetana, Quartette, "Ausmeinem Leben."

**Geological Conference. Papers: Taluses and Foot-hills in the Cordilleran District. Professor Shaler.--Reconnoissance of Prince of Wales Island in South-eastern Alaska. Mr. R. B. Earle. Rotch Building, 8 p. m.

Wednesday, Apr. 25.

Divinity School. Faculty Meeting. 17 Quincy St., 8 p. m.

*Classical Club. Cicero, Clodius, and Milo. Horace White, LL.D., of New York. Lecture Room of Fogg Museum, 8 p. m. The Middle Section of seats will be reserved for invited guests and members of the Club until 7.55 p. m.

Thursday, Apr. 26.

Last day for receiving names of competitors for Boylston Prizes for Elocution. Professor A. S. Hill may be found in Sever 2 between 12 m. and 1 p. m.

Social Psychology Club. Pedagogy in its relation to Social Psychology. Professor Hanus. Psychological Laboratory, Upper Dane, 8 p. m. Open to students of Philosophy and Pedagogy.

Friday, Apr. 27.

*Divinity School. Devotional Service with Sermon. Divinity Chapel, 7.30 p. m.