Races Next Week for Three Graded Crews from Each Club.

The Freshman candidates have been graded into four crews at each club, three of which returned on Thursday and have been rowing both morning and afternoon. The trial races will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 1, shortly after high water. No apparent advantage seems to lie with either club and the race promises to be well contested. Six crews, three from each club, will enter. The orders of the boats are now probably final, though there have been several changes in the last few days. The first Newell suffered yesterday from the loss of its stroke, Pier, on account of illness. He will be unable to row in the race. The make-ups of the first three crews at either club follow:

Weld First--Stroke, R. Roberts; 7, George; 6, Whitwell; 5, Graydon, Bowditch; 4, Switzer; 3, Bent; 2, Derby (capt.); bow, Hartwell; cox., Litchfield.

Newell First--Stroke, Safford; 7, Ayer (capt.); 6, McGrew; 5, Swann; 4, Burgess; 3, G. Clark; 2, Stone; bow, Whitredge; cox., Stokes.

Weld Second -- Stroke, Greenough (capt.); 7, E.F. DuBois; 6, S. Wolcott; 5, Pitkin; 4, Warner; 3, W. James; 2, Locke; bow, Streit; cox., Kelly.

Newell Second--Stroke, L. Brown; 7, Atwater (capt.); 6, Clifford; 5, Haycock; 4, D. DuBois; 3, Weed; 2, Gray; bow, Bryant; cox., Dean.


Weld Third -- Stroke, T.D. Roberts (capt.); 7, Peabody; 6, Corbett; 5, Blaikie; 4, Thornton; 3, Maltby; 2, Krumbhaar; bow, Williams; cox., Thurston.

Newell Third -- Stroke, Boardman (capt.); 7, Warland; 6, Bigelow; 5, Randolph; 4, Percival; 3, Storey; 2, Foster; bow, Riker; cox., Ward.