Criticism of the Five Eights to Row in the Trial Races on Saturday.

Since the candidates for the class crews went on the river early in March, rowing activity has been developed to a greater degree and has called forth more enthusiasm than in any former year. With the trial races for the upper class club crews set for the end of this week, and the regular class races only ten days away, the various eights have been now rounded into form and show the effect of their four weeks of practice, in perfected watermanship and general improvement in time and driving power.

There seems to be a slight advantage to the Weld crews, but there is no question that most of the opposing eights are evenly matched and that Saturday's regatta will bring out some hotly contested races. If the Weld club has profited as a whole by superior material, the Newell has had the advantage, during the past week, of the new launch from which several coaches have watched the work of the crews. The Weld eights have relied entirely upon Donovan's coaching from a single.

Of the crews rowing from the Weld, the Law School eight is composed of the heaviest men and has more old University oars than any other, Shepherd having rowed on the '96 crew, Wood and Bancroft on that of '99. They are well together and show great power in their leg drive. Bow's position alone is yet uncertain. The order of the crew follows: Stroke, Snite; 7, DuBois; 6, Bancroft (capt.); 5, Wood; 4, Shepherd; 3, Butler; 2, Davis; bow, Morrill, Hort; cox., Kelly '03.

The Weld Senior crew has improved rapidly in the last few days and has secured a beat and drive which two weeks ago was totally lacking. Their blade work is still a little ragged, bow four having a tendency to clip. The make-up follows: Stroke, Morrill; 7, Palmer; 6, Ttlton (capt.); 5, Martin; 4, Holden; 3, Sherburne; 2, Hawes; bow, Ayer; cox., Wadleigh, Cole.

1901 Weld undoubtedly shows the best form of any crew on the river, and in spite of several changes is travelling fast and on even keel, a thing which few other crews have secured. Their snap and life are especially notable. Wheel-wright has recently given place to Locke, who sent Gray from 2 to 4. The present order is probably final: Stroke, Evans (capt.); 7, Brainerd; 6, Burton; 5, Ivins; 4, Gray; 3, DuBois; 2, Locke; bow, Blake; cox., Goodwin.

1902 are well together and especially strong in the stern four, all of whom pulled on last year's Freshman crew, but there is a marked tendency throughout the boat to clip and to lower the hands on the recover, which prevents an even keel. This has been improved by long rows, the crew having paddled the two mile course every day during the last week. The order has been unchanged since the crew first went on the water: Stroke, Bancroft (capt.); 7, Ladd; 6, Shuebruk; 5, Emory; 4, Colby; 3, Grew; 2, Brooks; bow, Covel; cox., Boothby.

The Sophomores at the Weld are the only class having a second crew. This will be entered in the same race with the second crews of 1901 and 1902 at the Newell. The order follows: Stroke, Wadsworth; 7, Richardson; 6, Bartlett; 5, Francis; 4, Silsbee; 3, Stedman (capt.), 2, Barnes; bow, Morse; cox., Davidge.